Mall Santa's Going That Extra Mile

The role of mall Santa isn’t an easy job. The suit is hot, the long line ups and Santa must stay in character for hours at a time. A great mall Santa can do that with ease, but what does it take to be an excellent mall Santa?

Smile with your Eyes

A good Santa has to be able to look like they’re smiling without showing their mouth because so much of the face is covered up between Santa’s beard.

Your eyes really give off a sense of happiness, enthusiasm, and interest. Remember, they can’t see your face!

Artificial Padding

Make sure around Christmas you either pack on extra girth, or add artificial padding. If you do need to pad, make sure you do it right and well because anyone can spot a Santa with fake padding.

Never Promise Too Much

Santa gets asked for a lot of things. Horses, dinosaurs, living creatures and things that probably won’t be in the cards for their Christmas presents.

For this reason, Santa knows not to promise anything to the kids, regardless of how good they’ve been this year, no matter how badly they want a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Don’t Smoke

Santa has a certain smell — and he doesn’t smell like a pipe. While he used to smoke a pipe hundreds of years ago, he’s more health conscious today and doesn’t want to smell like that for the children.

Santa should smell like peppermint, evergreen or cinnamon. Plus, make sure that your breath smells fresh and inviting.

Education, Education, Education!

What does Mrs. Claus do? What are the names of the reindeers? How does Santa get into apartments or condos that don’t have a chimney? These are all questions Santa must be ready for and if a kid doesn’t like the answer they get, they’re going to ask more questions.

Go the Extra Mile with your Look

It’s incredibly important to look and act appropriately. As Santa, you’ll need to know how to properly bleach your beard and moustache, as well as how to care for it.

Going the extra mile is a critical part of play.