Top Tips for Enjoying Christmas

Here are my top tips not just for surviving Christmas this year, but actually enjoying it!


Don’t Stress.

A way of closing it off in celebratory fashion. Reflecting on the year that has been, consigning it to the history books and then, bam, starting afresh on 1st January.

Jump into the Spirit

It’s the one time you can throw caution to the wind in the fashion stakes. Literally, anything goes. Just pass off your questionable taste with the words ‘I’m being festive’. Hah!

Enjoy with the Children

And by that, I mean literally get down to the intellectual level of your children (or those of your friends/family). Mine are both under 5. We play hide and seek, make lots of mess, watch The Gruffalo on a loop (enacting each animal in turn) and nap a lot. It’s liberating.

Don’t worry about Work

It’s great to be off when everyone else is! My Summer holidays can be slightly marred because I have one eye continually on my inbox. Christmas is a different kettle of fish; we shut the office so it’s the perfect time to catch my breath.

joyEat… and be Merry

Who cares, consider it extra padding for the winter. Besides, festive novelties like cranberry sauce and mince pies are the best. The latter is a household obsession. The first ‘of the season’ is consumed in October and is a momentous occasion.

Don’t go nuts with the Presents

One gift per person is ample but set the ground rules. I buy for immediate family only and we keep it simple. One year we bought my son a scooter. He ignored it, played with a balloon all day and wept with joy when he unwrapped a box of crayons. Thinking of being Santa this holiday season? It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the Christmas season. Embrace the positive energy of the Christmas season, as well as the excited kids. Remember, it’s your job to always, always, always stay in character. Click here to learn how to be a great Santa.